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You may be thinking, what exactly is a chemical peel? With the advancement of technology and medicine in the 21st century, we have been given the luxury of numerous different aesthetic treatments to choose from. There always seems like there’s something new that people are trying at home or at their neighborhood aesthetic center. This is especially true with the recent rise in businesses on social media platforms. Now it can become hard to close out of apps like Instagram without becoming slightly curious about what some of these mysterious treatments do. From the crazy vampire blood facial to the gold facial, some sound more appealing than others. Nonetheless, one treatment that stays true and has been going strong lately is the chemical peel. Some treatments come and go with the newest trends, but chemical peels are here to stay. Here at Silk Aesthetics Centre, we refer to our chemical peels as a ViPeel. 

This is our unique twist on your run of the mill chemical peel. The ViPeel will show dramatic results without the patient feeling any pain at all. The two biggest bonuses of going with our ViPeel are the quick sessions and quick results. Your session will not be filled with skin preparation, instead, our experts will be able to jump right in after your consultation and get started. This quick of a process also means little to no downtown after the treatment, making it easy for our patients to not only get back to life but to also show off their glowing skin.

What Benefits Does the ViPeel Have?

This is probably the most frequently asked question we receive from new patients. The ViPeel promotes healthy and radiates skin by doing a variety of different things. Much of what the ViPeel accomplishes are things that would take most people months to accomplish with their usual skincare routine. Some of the skin improvements patients see after the ViPeel are:

. Soften Lines and Wrinkles

. Clear Acne, Reduce and Eliminate Acne Scars

. Improve Tone, Texture, and Clarity of Skin

. Reduce and Eliminate Freckles, Spots, and Hyper Pigmentation

. Stimulates the Production of Collagen, for Firmer and Youthful Skin

How Long do ViPeel Results Last?

This is one of the most common questions we receive with every aesthetic treatment. We fully understand that longevity matters when it comes to getting any kind of treatment done on the human body, and especially on the face. We recommend that you get the ViPeel 3 or 4 times a year to see the best possible results for the long term. Regardless of how often you choose to get this treatment, you will still see results after your first treatment; however, to see a long-term decrease in aging we suggest coming in more often.  This means that the treatment can last quite a long time on the average patient. Some of the factors that can either reduce or lengthen the results of one ViPeel treatment are time spent in the sun, protection used when in the sun, and whether or not you have a skincare routine.

What do the ViPeel Results Look Like?

The ViPeel is a pretty quick treatment and is just as quick when it comes to seeing results. The first two days after the ViPeel will not be too drastic. The skin will not yet begin to react to the peel. By day three, the skin should start to peel. This peeling process will look light and fluffy until the end of day four when the peeling should eventually stop. This is very different than if you were to peel because of a bad sunburn. Some people say that they notice the peeling while others did not see it at all. To combat the look of peeling we recommend putting on a facial moisturizer to help hydrate the skin and hide the peeling. After the peeling process, you will start to notice the glow your skin has. Your skin may also look healthier and more youthful.

Everyone can benefit from our ViPeel chemical peels! Whether you are looking for a youthful and healthy physical appearance, or just want to have a self-care day and mentally relax, we got you covered on both ends. Contact Silk Aesthetics Centre today at (954) 462-7455 to find out more about what our unique chemical peels can do for you.

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