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LaserFacial & Skin Rejuvenation FAQs

Botox Injections Fort Lauderdale
Botox Injections Fort Lauderdale

It depends on the selected treatment(s). Removing hair may require additional sessions depending on skin and hair type. Treating sun-damaged skin takes about 4-6 sessions, while 2-3 sessions are recommended for treating veins and age spots.

Typically, hair removal takes about 10-15 minutes, although larger areas will take longer. Treatments for facial and leg vessels and sun-damaged skin are similar in length.

Side effects are minimal. Patients sometimes report redness or local swelling, but these conditions are almost always gone within 24 hours of treatment.

You may resume your normal skincare routine, although using a sunscreen is recommended. Note that for hair removal, the exfoliation will occur naturally in 7-14 days. During this time, you may shave if you wish, but plucking is discouraged. Your practitioner will review specific post-treatment instructions with you.

Results vary with each case. With some conditions, one treatment may be sufficient, while others might require 2-6 treatments before results are noticeable.

The Apogee Elite emits a beam of light that heats the target area (i.e., follicle or vein). The light energy damages the target, while sparing the surrounding skin. After a period of time, a reaction will occur (i.e., the follicle will exfoliate, or the blemish will slowly and naturally disappear).

In addition to treating unwanted hair, Apogee Elite treats small facial veins, bluish-purple leg veins, and spider veins.

The Apogee Elite LaserFacialSM visibly reduces redness and age spots, and gently erases fine lines and wrinkles.

If your skin is showing signs of any of the above mentioned conditions, you are a candidate. Consult with your practitioner to determine your specific needs.

Yes, including dark and tanned skin.

Your practitioner will advise you of any preparation depending on the treatment you choose.

Patients sometimes report a mild discomfort which can be quickly alleviated with a stream of cold air, which is used in conjunction with the laser.

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