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It’s only natural that we want to retain some of our youthful glow as we age. With so many anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing treatments out on the market today, how do you know which cosmetic treatments are best for you? Finding a medical professional that you’re comfortable with is the first priority; you’ll want to find someone you can trust to help you make your cosmetic treatment decisions. Maybe you’ll want to look into a wrinkle relaxer to smooth out your frown lines and wrinkles. In our youth-oriented society aging gracefully is sometimes frowned upon. But there are ways to combat that without looking “overdone” and there is no harm in wanting to refresh your look now and then. Why not help yourself to look and feel younger at an affordable price and under the care of the trusted professionals at Silk Laser + Aesthetics Centre. One of the best wrinkle treatments we know it is called Dysport. And if you live in Fort Lauderdale and are thinking about Dysport, you’ll want to talk to our board-certified cosmetic professionals to help you make an informed decision. One thing we know for sure is that Dysport will leave you positively glowing! Our board-certified medical professionals will have you looking younger and refreshed in no time!

Dysport vs. Botox
Dysport and Botox are both very similar. The main difference is that Dysport is said to address a wider area, may bring more immediate results than Botox and may be longer-lasting. They are both types of Botulinum toxin Type A injections used to treat frown lines and some wrinkles to uncover smoother more youthful-looking skin. So much has been written about this popular wrinkle treatment and at Silk Laser + Aesthetics Centre we want to help you make the right decision regarding which injectable treatment is right for you. It’s best to remember that each patient is unique and results can vary from one patient to another.

How do I know if Dysport in Fort Lauderdale is right for me?

  • Fast-acting – Dysport is said to be faster acting than Botox as well as longer-lasting. This FDA approved injectable is best for smoothing out wrinkles and reducing “crow’s feet,” but has also been shown to smooth out facial folds and fine lines.
  • Long-lasting – The effects of Dysport last about 4-6 months.
  • Treatment is fast – You can treat your frown lines in 10 to 20 minutes when you receive treatment from one of the experienced medical professionals at Silk Laser + Aesthetics Centre
  • Side Effects – The side effects are somewhat similar and can include swelling, pain or redness at the injection site, muscle pain, neck or back pain.
  • Dysport has been found to be, on average, a bit less expensive than Botox.

Don’t hesitate to contact Silk Laser + Aesthetics Centre If you’re interested in trying Dysport treatments in Fort Lauderdale or Botox or just want to find out more about which treatment might be right for you, The aesthetics and medical team at Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre will be happy to answer all of your questions as well as arrange for a free consultation. With Dysport or any of our other injectable treatments, you’ll be the envy of all your friends this year—and best of all they will never know why you look so refreshed and your skin is glowing. Tell them your secret—call our team today at (954) 462-7455. Or, for more information, visit www.

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