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Laser Treatment of Age Spots


Age spots (Lentigines), also called sun spots, are small, flat brown discolorations seen frequently on the face, chest, back and hands in people –usually after the age of 40. Age spots are usually harmless, but must be distinguished from other possible potentially serious conditions.

These spots can be treated by a variety of ways, including bleaching creams, alpha-hydroxy acids and tretinoin as well as dermabrasion, chemical peels or cryosurgery. The latest technique available to treat these age spots involves lasers and IPL. A beam of laser light is aimed at the selected spots to eliminate the injured skin.

Following treatment for sun-damaged skin, most of these spots may be prevented from re-occurring by using sunblocks.

Multiple treatment sessions may be required.

It may take several treatments to get the desired results. We say to expect up to 5 but in most cases it can take less and in rare cases not help at all.

It may feel like a rubber band snap, but is usually very minimal.

Usually within approximately 20 minutes you will see a slightly darker color of the area treated. It can take up to 3 weeks for the discoloration to slough off. It may feel like a slight sunburn sensation for a few days following the treatment. In some cases it may look like a superficial burn and in rare cases a blister may appear. It is very important to follow all post treatment instructions and stay out the sun for at least a 4 week period following treatment to avoid irritation to the treated area. If you cannot avoid sun exposure then a sunscreen of no less than 30 SPF should be used.

It is very important for you to stay out of the sun as you could cause discoloration in the area treated. We recommend 4 weeks prior and through out the treatments series. If you cannot avoid sun exposure you should use a minimum sun screen protection of 30 SPF or higher.

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