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Anyone who suffers hair loss remembers the first time they looked in the mirror and thought, “Is my hair thinning?” If you find yourself examining your scalp on a regular basis and trying to make a mental note of how many hairs you have in a particular area, you need to see a hair loss doctor. Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre offers hair restoration in Fort Lauderdale and we can help with your hair loss situation. Take the first step today by talking to a member of our team. 

People of all ages can start losing their hair. For some, it begins in their 20s. Others notice the first signs in their 30s. Whatever age you notice the beginnings of male pattern baldness or other thinning, see an experienced hair restoration doctor. The sooner you do, the more hair you can keep. 

A hair loss doctor helps you understand why your hair is thinning or receding. For the hair you still have, they develop a treatment plan to help you minimize additional loss and keep new hair growing. Your doctor can pinpoint the precise cause of your lost hair. He can provide you with recommended treatments, such as medications or hair restoration surgery. To diagnose your hair thinning cause, our team uses certain tests to ensure accurate results. These include:

  • Blood testing, to check for medical conditions
  • Scalp biopsy, to look for skin conditions or potential infections
  • Serum DHT test, for diagnosing genetic hair loss

Your hair restoration doctor can offer multiple treatments, depending on your type and cause of hair loss. Medication is a good fit for many people with genetic balding. These medications, such as finasteride and minoxidil, help stop loss and encourage new hair growth. Sometimes with medication, men grow stronger, thicker, and healthier hair than ever before.

Stop worrying about your hair loss and take the first step towards regrowing your hair today. With the help from our team at Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre, you can delay or avoid going bald. Hair restoration in Fort Lauderdale is very common, and it can help your hair look fuller in no time. Contact our office today to schedule your hair restoration consultation. 

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