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Botox Injections Fort Lauderdale

Everything You Need to Know About Botox Injections in Fort Lauderdale

Botox injections in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and beyond are one of the most popular anti-aging treatments in America. Essentially, the serum is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, done by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles. The substance is made up of a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin. What many people don’t know, however, is that Botox has multiple uses. While anti-aging is at the forefront of its reputation, the serum comes with a handful of additional applications.

Before we dive into the uses, let’s dive into that statistics. Did you know that 6 million treatments of Botox are given each year? It is the most popular non-surgical treatment out there. Botox is also technically a poison. Yet, administered in safe doses, it becomes a healer for numerous areas of life. For example, for those who suffer from serious migraines, Botox can be used to relax the muscles that are tense. The tense muscles often trigger migraines. With a shot of Botox every few weeks, the patient will begin to a see a decrease in their severe headaches. Botox is also beneficial for individuals who have excessive sweating, bowel disorders, and muscular disorders.

Again, the treatment is primarily used for anti-aging, removing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. However, years of studies have shown that Botox has benefits far beyond the aesthetics. Some of the other common syndromes Botox can assist with include overactive bladders, hemifacial spasm, crow’s feet, cerebral palsy, post-stroke symptoms, and more.

The Science Behind Botox Injections in Fort Lauderdale

Now that we know a few of the uses, let’s dive into the science. How does the substance allow muscles to relax for weeks at a time? The element within Botox, otherwise known as botulinum toxin, is able to be injected into humans in very small percentages. The toxin stops the signals that communicate between nerve cells and muscles. The reason muscles tighten in the first place is because they release acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter. Now, when Botox is administered to a patient, the toxin inside stops the acetylcholine from releasing. When the acetylcholine doesn’t send its message, the muscle remains softened.

Here are a few statistics given from the Botox Cosmetic website:

  • In medical trials, 90% of men and women rated an improvement in the appearance of their frown lines between their brows one month after treatment.
  • Results can last up to 4 months
  • Botox was approved by the FDA in 2002 and is used to temporarily treat severe frown lines between the brows.
  • Reducing frown lines between the brows is common for people ages 18-65.
  • 3 million procedures were performed in 2005 for this procedure
  • The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ranked Botox Cosmetic as the most popular physician-administered aesthetic procedure in the United States for four years consecutively.
  • Botox Lasts for up to four months
  • Dysport, a Botox option, should not be used more frequently than every 90 days
  • Dysport, a Botox injection, takes only 10-20 minutes to inject.

What to Expect During Botox Injections in Fort Lauderdale

Did you know that the toxin in Botox, botulinum, is actually a powder? Because it is so strong, the powder is placed into saline to dilute the toxin. Once injected, which only takes a few moments, the substance will begin to show results within 24 hours. At the latest, some patients will see results at 72 hours. Prior to the administration process, patients will go over their wants and needs with their doctors. At Silk Aesthetics Centre, we provide a genuine, listening ear when it comes to understanding what our patients are looking for. We know how challenging it can be to find professionals who will actually take your requests to heart. However, when you’re receiving facial injections, the last thing you want is to have your concerns glazed over. That’s why it’s essential to find a team such as Silk Aesthetics Centre to deliver your desired results, exactly as you were hoping.

Are There Any Risks to Botox?

Whenever undergoing any type of procedure, invasive or not, it’s crucial to understand the side effects. First, it’s important to note that pregnant women should not undergo this procedure. Other than that, most individuals tend to do very well with Botox. There are very few cases where there have been serious reactions. Some mild side effects might include mild nausea, headaches, flu-symptoms, facial paralysis, mild pain, and a bit of numbness. More serious side effects include hives, rashes, and swelling. Approximately one percent of people who have the injections will find the treatment ineffective.

Where to Find Botox Injections in Fort Lauderdale

At the Silk Aesthetics Centre, we offer numerous treatment options in regard to Botox injections in Fort Lauderdale. To add a fresh, rejuvenated, glow back into your appearance, try the most popular anti-aging option on the planet! Wrinkles can come from repetitive movements, aging, and the loss of collagen. Dr. Astaphan’s detail and knowledge of Botox will turn that frown upside down in no time! Our team uses skill and practice to assess what the patient is looking for, and how best to execute for the desired look. Some of our most popular options are brow lifts and crow’s feet. Dr. Astaphan originally started using Botox both therapeutically and cosmetically. Over time, he has become an expert in his field.

One of the largest benefits to Botox injections is that there is little downtime when it comes to healing. During one’s lunch break, they could come in for injections, and head straight back into the office! Results will be shown in only a few weeks and the results will last up to a few months.

When looking into Botox, be sure that you’re getting what you’re asking for. There are certain situations where medical practitioners will place more saline than the toxin, resulting in mediocre results for a high price. To ensure you’re really getting high-quality Botox, you’ll want to work with companies that have plenty of reviews, an air of confidence in their work, and plenty of information on their websites. The amount of Botox varies person to person, depending on their gender, as well as their desired target location.

Are there Alternate Options to Botox Injections in Fort Lauderdale?

There are a few alternate options besides Botox when it comes to healing forehead lines, excessive sweating, and TMJ pain. Dysport is related to Botox in a way, as it contains the same compounds. In 2009, the substance was awarded the FDA stamp of approval, and it has been a crucial tool for smoothing out deep-set lines. For example, as humans get older, they form patterns. When something is surprising or upsetting, the eyebrows generally fold in the same ways time and time again. Over time, these folds become noticeable even with a relaxed face. This can leave people feeling that they always have an angry or upset face.

While Dysport and Botox are incredibly similar, some studies have shown that Dysport might last longer and act faster. The results will be noticeable for up to four months! However, because Dysport is more sensitive than Botox, it requires keen precision. If incorrectly applied, the serum can spread to the muscles that one might not want relaxed. An additional plus to using Dysport is that the manufacture, Galderma, offers a reward program. The longer you’re using Silk Aesthetics Centre, the better the perks get!

How Does Botox and Dysport Assist with Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is another word for those who sweat profusely and abnormally. The issue is known to be prevalent in the feet, armpits, and hands. Generally, people will know they have hyperhidrosis early on, as it flares up during stress or during intense exercise. Fortunately, there are procedures to help minimize the constant and frustrating sweating. Both Botox and Dysport are excellent options. The injections help block the signals from the nerve to the sweat glands.

To begin with, the medical professional will perform an iodine test, which tells the medical expert where the most affected area is. Then, they’ll identify this area as the injection site. It takes approximately 10-15 injections, using a pinpoint needle. Within four weeks, one should begin to see a decrease in sweating. If sweating occurs in multiple areas, the medical professional can make numerous injections. It only takes one treatment to make a huge difference! If you’re suffering from excessive sweating, save yourself the frustration and give our office a call at 954-462-7455.

How Botox and Dysport Assist with TMJ Pain

TMJ, or temporomandibular disorder, is common in many Americans. One will know right away that they’re suffering because of the immense pain around the jaw areas. It can make chewing, yawning, and sometimes even talking, quite painful. Often times, TMJ can cause the face to swell. This causes jawline irregularities. With a few simple treatments, a person can enjoy a more relaxed and natural jawline. Dr. Astaphan chooses to target a select area of the jaw. Then, he begins shaping the jaw in a safe and attractive manner. His training in both Botox and MaxilloFacial Surgery makes him an expert in this particular area. He has helped handfuls of people find peace after years of aches!

If you’re looking for Botox injections in Fort Lauderdale, don’t wait another moment to call the medical aesthetic and therapeutic professionals at Silk Aesthetic Centre. We have numerous treatment options. When you visit our office, you’re guaranteed a professional experience, alongside compassionate care. Whether it’s to boost radiance or to heal, Botox injections and Dysport are wonderful solutions. Contact Silk Aesthetic Centre today at 954-462-7455 or send us an email at [email protected].

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