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Hair Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Approximately 80,000 procedures related to hair restoration services were sought after and completed in 2016. In 2019, that number has increased. Only ten years before, there were approximately 29,000 individuals looking into hair transplant services. It goes to show that through advanced technologies and treatments, more and more patients are comfortable finding solutions for their hair loss problems.

Many people are still hesitant to dive into hair restoration services, simply because they’re unsure of what to expect. Rightfully so, there are some hair transplants that are invasive and uncomfortable. Fortunately, over the years, medical experts have accumulated numerous other treatments that are less invasive and equally effective. The first step to diving into the world of hair restoration is to understand what the options are and what to expect.

Hair restoration happens in numerous forms. Some individuals prefer serums and creams, while others prefer hair transplant surgeries. Hair transplant surgery is done to restore hair in the areas where there is thinning or balding. Flap surgery, tissue expansion, and scalp reduction surgical procedures are just a few of the top surgeries being performed today. At Silk, however, we prefer the Selphyl system which uses PRP, or Protein Rich Plasma, to increase blood flow. The increase of the blood flow can stimulate hair to grow. These procedures can be used on their own, or individuals can choose to use them all.

How Does the PRP Hair Restoration work?

Using the Selphyl system, patients are using their own blood to heal. It is a concentrated form of nutrients that the hair follicles need to grow. However, the Selphyl system is engineered to create an even more potent form, otherwise known as the Protein-rich Fibrin Matrix. For short, it is PRFP. Essentially, this method protects platelets, which allows them to release the nutrients needed for longer periods of time. This system has been successfully used in over 150,000 patients!

Dr. Astaphan starts by drawing a small amount of blood, and then he places the blood into a machine called a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins so fast, that is separates the blood into particular components. The plasma with the platelets is drawn out and added to create a fibrin mix. From there, that mix is injected into the scalp where there are thinning areas and it begins to create a chain of reactions necessary for re-growth. This process not only strengthens new hair, but it also awakens dormant follicles.

When it comes to treatments, patients will need to have three monthly treatments to start. Afterwards, there are maintenance appointments every six months. Unfortunately, the results are not permanent, and the maintenance portion will need to be kept up. For optimal results, it’s best to accompany treatment with a healthy diet, lower levels of stress, and the appropriate vitamins and minerals. The treatment doesn’t usually cause pain, but it may provide a slight discomfort. Because blood will need to be drawn, this includes a small pin prick. Administering the PRFM back into the skin can be more painful, which is why a cold air spray is used, alongside a vibration anesthesia devise. At Silk, we strive to provide the most comfortable service possible.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Most individuals wonder why they’ve lost their hair in the first place. Studies are still being conducted every day to better understand the lack of hair. However, what specialists have found is that hair loss can be caused by aging, hormonal changes, genetics, medication changes, and stress-related lifestyles. People tend to forget that the scalp is an organ. When our bodies go through immensely stressful periods, the body naturally reacts. Now, thanks to medical advancements, we know that the mind, nervous system, and body are closely intertwined. This means that should we endure more stress than we can handle, organs may react negatively. In this situation, it could cause hair loss. Additionally, the lack of a healthy diet can impact hair growth.

Who are the Best Candidates for Hair Restoration in Fort Lauderdale?

Losing hair can be embarrassing and highly frustrating. What makes an excellent candidate for a transplant surgery? Ideally, those that have healthy hair growth locations are the best candidates. Then, the medical experts can stretch that section of the scalp into the areas that are suffering. For those that hardly grow hair at all, this can be more challenging. A person’s texture and color can also play a part in the overall aesthetics of the job.

It’s important to understand when considering a hair transplant that the results may not as expected. Of course, experts will try to make the new hair match the old hair as closely as possible. However, sometimes it takes a few procedures, sessions, or a patient may react more positively to one treatment than another. This is a combination of trial and error, until the results the patient desires are met. Additionally, patients can use hair restoration services for eyebrows if wanted.

Are there Other Procedures Out There?

For those that are looking for a simple boost in hair growth, there are other options. Instead, smaller procedures such as micro-grafts, mini-grafts, punch grafts, and strip grafts are more successful. These grow hair on a smaller scale. For example, someone who wants to simply add fullness to their hair may choose one of the above options. For those who are balding significantly, the prior procedures might be more effective.

Whether you’re looking for an extreme hair growth alternative or you’re looking for a simple boost, the professionals at Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre can assist. We provide unparalleled services, accompanied by a soothing environment. Our staff is highly skilled, trained, and certified to assist you with all of your cosmetic and aesthetic needs. Hair loss can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. With our top of the line equipment and knowledge, we’re sure we can aid you in finding a long-lasting solution. Contact our team at Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre at 954-462-0117 or send us an email at [email protected] today!

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