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Microneedling with PRP Fort Lauderdale

PRP Therapy is a regenerative procedure that uses one’s own blood to simulate growth. The blood is placed in a machine called a centrifuge, and the machine spins at a rapid rate. The machine works to separate healthy platelets from the rest of the blood. Those platelets are then placed in the damaged areas to promote cellular regeneration.

How PRP Treatment is Used in Hair Regeneration

Millions of Americans suffer from hair loss, whether that be on the eyebrows or on the scalp. This procedure uses the natural elements of the body to stimulate new hair growth in the areas that are suffering. Hair loss can cause insecurity and overall frustration. Only in the last decade, has medical research found more natural approaches to restoring hair growth. Previously, harmful and toxic hair growth serums were used. They had horrible side effects, especially for males.

Once the platelets are removed, their placed on the scalp where the hair is scarce. Doing so awakens dormant hair follicles, which then stimulates collagen production. Additionally, new capillaries are formed. What are capillaries? Capillaries are the blood vessels that run underneath the scalp. What most people don’t know is that the scalp, like any other part of the body, is considered an organ. In order to be healthy, the scalp relies on numerous outside forces such as a healthy diet and low-stress environments. However, premature hair loss can also be genetic or caused by a hormonal imbalance.

There are many benefits to using Micro Needling PRP in Fort Lauderdale. First, using one’s own body to heal eliminates allergic reactions or rejection. Using one’s own cells can increase collagen and elastin. Both are lost as one ages. Stem cells are also being used for aesthetic purposes. For example, some individuals are using stem cells as a way to bring back youthful attributes in the face. With a combination of Micro Needling and PRP, patients are seeing outstanding results.

How Micro Needling PRP in Fort Lauderdale Assists with Aging

Both PRP therapy and Micro Needling are useful anti-aging options. If we look at PRP Therapy solely, we’ll find that one’s own blood plasma stimulates the production of collagen and improves circulation within the skin. The platelets are injected into the areas where patients feel they are lacking. For example, if the collagen in the cheekbones is dwindling, PRP will add a natural boost. Many patients prefer this method to Botox, simply because it’s more organic. Prime candidates are those who have sagging skin, translucent patches, or are merely experiencing a lack of plumpness.

Micro Needling involves creating tiny, micro-cuts in the skin stimulates collagen. When we have a papercut, our white blood cells rush to heal the broken skin. The same is true for the facial region. By creating small disturbances on the skin’s surface, the blood cells are quick to repair. This not only tightens the existing skin, but it also produces a new layer of healthy skin. Micro Needling Therapy visibly tightens, improves the texture of skin, improves skin tones, and clears up fine lines and wrinkles.

How Micro Needling and PRP Therapy Work Together

Now that we have a better understanding of how these therapies work separately in both hair regeneration and anti-aging practices, how do they work together? Often times, these procedures are married to bring about total healing, rejuvenation, and restoration. First, micro cuts are made either on the skin or on the area where hair has troubles growing. Many tiny needles bring the healthy platelets rushing to the rescue. The platelets from the PRP therapy are placed into a syringe and injected into the area needing assistance. Almost immediately, the channels created by the micro needling are closed, due to the numerous amounts of healthy platelets coming together.

How Long Does It Take for the Treatment to Show Results?

For skincare, the results are visible within 2-4 weeks. With hair regeneration, the process can take a little while longer, as one must wait for the hair follicles to begin growing. Often times, those who are looking for hair reproduction will need a few treatments, as there are a handful of hair growth cycles that take place.

Where to Find Micro Needling with PRP in Fort Lauderdale

The combination of both micro needling and PRP are not found at every facility. However, at Silk Aesthetic Centre, we have what you’re looking for! We’re proud to offer the most advanced medical lasers and aesthetic technology available. If science has proven it to work, we’re here to offer it to our patients! Hair growth can be tricky, especially when you’ve tried a handful of options. Stop looking and find a method that works with micro needling and PRP in Fort Lauderdale. At Silk Aesthetic Center, we’re here to help you find natural, efficient, and unparalleled treatments.

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