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Many people are surprised to hear that one of the best ways to deal with excessive sweating is with Botox injections! At Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre in Fort Lauderdale, we are always concerned with the newest breakthroughs when it comes to medical aesthetics. In fact, we are well known for offering the most advanced medical laser and aesthetics technology available.

Another term for having a problem with sweating a lot is “Hyperhidrosis.” Hyperhidrosis, or heavy sweating, is a problem that affects thousands of South Floridians all year long, not just during the hot and sticky summer months. If you have recently done a Google search for “the best Botox injections for sweating in Fort Lauderdale,” then chances are that you already know about the amazing life-changing treatment.

Most people wouldn’t think of Botox injections as the “go-to” treatment for some of the biggest medical problems plaguing people today. When most people hear the word “Botox,” they invariably think that it is only for the denizens of the red carpet, the rich and famous, or the South Florida elite. The truth is, however, that with over two million Botox procedures performed every year in over 20 countries worldwide, there is no arguing that Botox has become mainstream. In addition, using Botox to reduce facial wrinkles was actually just a happy accident discovered while it was being used medically to treat patients who had uncontrollable spasms and twitching of their eye muscles!

It may also come as a big surprise to learn that the active ingredient in modern Botox was actually discovered over 100 years ago. The use of Botox for the effective treatment of medical problems involving human muscles has been around for quite a while, because Botox works by disconnecting the communication between our nerves and muscles so that specific muscles essentially become paralyzed. Which can be a good thing.

Heavy Sweating Treatment: the Botox Solution

At Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre, we have the solution for clients who have a problem with heavy sweating and have been looking for a treatment that really works. The Botox solution will change your life! We can all relate to how embarrassing and problematic having excessive sweating issues can be. Thanks to Botox being approved for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis, there finally is a solution to heavy sweating.

Hyperhidrosis affects millions of people worldwide but is not readily discussed, as it is a condition that causes excessive sweating of the armpits, hands, feet, and other areas on the body. Most people only sweat when they are working out, fearful, or anxious. But in patients with Hyperhidrosis, it happens all the time. Heavy sweating is not only physically uncomfortable, but it can also affect business and social situations by giving a false impression of nervousness, uncleanliness, and/or anxiety. Most sufferers are too embarrassed to seek medical treatment for their condition or do not even know it exists.

At Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre, we are thrilled to be able to provide some relief and help our valued patients who are looking for the best Botox injections for sweating. You can feel safe, confident, and in very capable professional hands with Doctor J. A. Astaphan. Dr. Astaphan expertly injects Botox into the targeted areas for an effective treatment that will last for approximately six to nine months.

Botox has also been approved for the treatment of other medical conditions such as chronic migraines and jaw pain. Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre patients absolutely love the results, and the word is spreading all over Fort Lauderdale: this relatively quick and effective relief from several debilitating medical conditions makes Botox a minor medical miracle! At silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre, a medical doctor always performs any of your laser and aesthetic procedures. We provide top-notch service in a soothing environment that is sure to make you feel at ease, no matter what procedure you are having. Are you ready to break out that gorgeous silk blouse and show off your sweat-free armpits?

Call us today to see why Silk Laser & Aesthetics Centre offers the best Botox injections for heavy sweating in all of Fort Lauderdale!

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