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From uneven nostrils, deviated septum, bumpy or wide bridges, there’s many reasons one may be considering getting a nose job. Rhinoplasty, the technical name for the procedure, is the most common facial cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. Even so, many people continue to live with insecurities related to their nose due to fear or inability to afford surgery. Thankfully, going under the knife isn’t the only way to correct these problems. Non-surgical nose jobs in Fort Lauderdale can be a great alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery.  

Here’s what you need to know in order to make the best decision for you.  

Who Qualifies for Non-Surgical Nose Jobs in Fort Lauderdale? 

Many minor corrections can be done using non-surgical procedures. Patients seeking to even the appearance of one’s nose, remove bumps and ridges along the bridge, straighten, or otherwise enhance the shape of the nose may all qualify for a solution that does not require surgery. While some more severe cases requiring reconstruction may not be ideal, these minor adjustments can be done quickly and conveniently, sometimes in less than an hour. 

How Does a Non-Surgical Nose Job Work? 

When most people think about corrective cosmetic procedures, they picture an operating room, anesthetic, and long recovery periods. Now, thanks to advancements in the field, that isn’t your only option. Dermal fillers have multiple uses in facial procedures, including addressing cosmetic issues with the nose. These safe, FDA-approved injectables are used in small doses to improve the symmetry or camouflage ridges in the bridge.  

Dermal fillers come in permanent and semi-permanent options, so you don’t have to commit to any facial changes long-term. Some fillers will completely dissolve within three to four months, allowing you to adjust as necessary or choose to return to your natural state. More permanent options are useful for more structural needs, like correcting nose break damage.  

Where to Get Non-Surgical Nose Jobs in Fort Lauderdale 

Finding a location that offers non-surgical nose jobs may be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Seeking a reputable cosmetic center in Fort Lauderdale that offers these non-invasive procedures requires proper research. Silk Laser and Aesthetics Centre offers safe and convenient non-surgical nose jobs performed by qualified clinicians who take the time to walk you through the entire process. 

During your consultation, our team of cosmetic specialists will advise you regarding your best options for seamless, natural results. We take the time to explain what you can expect, the healing process, and information regarding follow up cases. Our specialists are also able to answer any questions you may have about the process. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality care for each client, no matter the procedure. 

If you are looking for non-surgical nose jobs in Fort Lauderdale, Silk Laser and Aesthetics Centre is here to serve you. From consultation to procedure and through the recovery process, our team offers you the support and expertise you need to get the results you deserve. 

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